gluetool.tests package

Module contents

class gluetool.tests.Bunch(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Object-like access to a dictionary - useful for many mock objects.

class gluetool.tests.NonLoadingGlue(tool=None, sentry=None)[source]

Bases: gluetool.glue.Glue

Current Glue implementation loads modules and configs when instantiated, which makes it really hard to make assumptions of the state of its internals - they will always be spoiled by other modules, other external resources the tests cannot control. So, to overcome this I use this custom Glue class that disables loading of modules and configs on its instantiation.

parse_args(*args, **kwargs)[source]
parse_config(*args, **kwargs)[source]
gluetool.tests.create_module(module_class, glue=None, glue_class=<class 'gluetool.tests.NonLoadingGlue'>, name='dummy-module', add_shared=True)[source]
gluetool.tests.create_yaml(tmpdir, name, data)[source]