Welcome to gluetool’s documentation!

Gluetool 1.7 (1.7)

The gluetool command-line tool is an automation tool constructing a sequential pipeline on the command-line. It is able to implement any sequential process when it’s divided into modules with minimal interaction between them, gluing them together on the command-line to form a pipeline. It is implemented as an open gluetool framework.

The cool thing about having the pipeline on the command-line is that it can be easily copy-pasted to your local shell for debugging/development, and such pipeline can be easily customized by changing options of the modules when needed.

The tool optionally integrates with Sentry.io error logging platform for reporting issues, very useful when running gluetool pipelines at larger scales.


If you want to install gluetool on your machine, you have two options:

For just using gluetool, you can install package from pip:

pip install gluetool

If you want to change the code of gluetool and use your copy, follow our Development readme in the project root folder.

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